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Illustration is one of the most demanding occupations of the visual arts. The artist-illustrator must think both of the conceptual nature of the image being presented and of the range of technical possibilities dealing with the reproduction of the art. An understanding of the relationship among the illustrator and the art director, editor, author, and production personnel is an essential element in the cultivation of the complete illustrator.

The illustration student concentrates upon drawing, painting, and design. A high degree of facility in these skills must be achieved before moving on to the consideration of specific illustration problems, and it is encouraged throughout the program. The specialized courses deal with various aspects of the field: general illustration, editorial illustration, book illustration, typography, reproduction, graphics, perspective, with specialties in these categories such as the writing, designing, illustration, and production of children' s books. Job opportunities in illustration are varied and substantial. Large greeting card firms, for example, employ illustrators in staff positions and maintain entry-level training programs for the inexperienced graduate with a major in illustration. Other staff positions exist in publishing houses creating books, magazines, and newspapers. Beyond the salaried staff illustrator is the freelancer who markets skills on an individual, contractual-assignment basis creating paperback book covers; institutional advertisements; book jackets; postage stamps and a myriad of philatelic materials; textual illustrations for periodicals, books, and newspapers; corporate reports; TV commercials; and publications of every description including retail catalogs, advertising brochures, and "how-to-do-it" manuals.

The beginning role of Paier Illustration graduates will depend upon the nature and size of the organization that they join, or the nature of their free-lance work. Important also to their advancement will be the professional contacts that they establish in the commercial and fine arts fields.

Fine Art Program:

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration


Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Illustration
Foundation Year
FO111 Drawing I 3/5/75
AS101 English I 3/3/45
AH105 History of Western Art I 3/3/45
FO131 Painting I: Oil 3/5/75
  Social Science Elective 3/3/45
  Fall Semester Totals 15/19/285
FO100 Color/Design 3/5/75
FO112 Drawing II 3/5/75
AS102 English II 3/3/45
CG260 Intro to Computer Graphics 2/3/45
FO132 Painting II: Oil 3/5/75
  Academic Elective 3/3/45
  Spring Semester Totals 17/24/360
  Foundation Year Totals 32/43/645
Second Year
FA225 Landscape Painting 3/5/75
IL207 Illustration I 2/3/45
FA251 Life Drawing I 2/3/45
FA259 Painting: Still Life 3/5/75
FO123 Perspective 2/3/45
AS231 Mathematical Ideas (Math Req.) 3/3/45
  Fall Semester Totals 15/22/330
IL244 Art of the Cartoon 2/3/45
CG371 Computer Drawing 2/3/45
IL208 Illustration II 2/3/45
FA252 Life Drawing II 2/3/45
FA259 Painting III: Trompe L'Oeil  
FA273 Painting: Watermedia 3/5/75
AH106 Hist. of Western Art II 3/3/45
  Spring Semester Totals 17/23/345
  Second Year Totals 32/45/675

Third Year
IL307 Book Illustration 2/3/45
IL383 Creative Processes I 3/5/75
FA341 Head Painting I 3/5/75
IL325 Illustration Methods I 2/3/45
FA351 Life Drawing III 2/3/45
AH305 History Modern Art 3/3/45
AS267 Effective Speaking (Human. Elec.)
  Fall Semester Totals 18/25/375
IL245 Comic Book Storytelling 2/3/45
IL326 Illustration Methods II 2/3/45
FA352 Life Drawing IV 2/3/45
IL341 Painting IV: The Clothed Figure 3/5/75
CG370 Painting on the Computer 3/3/45
  General Psychology (Social Sci. Req.) 3/3/45


  Spring Semester Totals 16/23/345
  Third Year Totals 34/47/720

Fourth Year
IL433 Experimental Artist Book 2/3/45
IL429 Illustrator's Portfolio I 3/4/60
FA445 Life Painting I 3/5/75
IL483 Studio Explorations I 3/5/75
AS250 Business Practices 2/2/30
AS255 Intro to Biology (Phys. Sci. Req.) 3/3/45
  Fall Semester Totals 16/22/330
IL403 Children's Book Design 2/3/45
IL430 Illustrator's Portfolio II 3/4/60
L484 Studio Explorations II 3/5/75
AH406 History of Contemporary Art 3/5/75
AH205 Introduction to Philosophy 3/3/45
  Phyical Science Elective (Physical Sci. Req.) 3/3/45
  Spring Semester Totals 18/24/360
  Fourth Year Totals 34/46/690
  Program Totals 130/179/2715
SH represents Semester Hours (credits) per semester
CHW represents Clock Hours (contact time) per week
CHS represents Clock Hours per semester (15 Weeks)

Total Semester Hours: 130
179 Total Clock Hours x 15 weeks
per semester: 2715