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We can reconnect with as many of you as possible by keeping the College informed on your where abouts. Check out the Paier College Face Book Community, Linkedin and various other means of staying connected. By filling out the fields below and submitting your accomplishments or by contacting the College's Job Placement Office: 203.287.3031 or the College will be able to gain a clearer knowledge of what you have been up to. We would like to share your accomplishments with others. As years go by, we lose contact with many of you. There are so many success stories that are over looked. Also if you are looking for a new job, please let us know, we may be able to assist you. The closer the Paier Community is, the greater chance for successes. Thank you for staying in touch.

We would also like to display and continuously update examples of alumni work on the alumni gallery page. Please send us examples of your work. We would like to post your show dates and your accomplishments as well.

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