Paier College of Art, Hamden, CT  Paier Photography Show Goes "Beyond The Context"  Though each exhibiting artist maintains a diverse and unique approach, the common ground rests at the will to photograph what they hold dear to them, and place it in a context that redefines the personal matter into something more relatable to the viewer. This exhibition asks the viewer to look beyond the surface, and redefine the context.  The photographers exhibiting are: Jess Amrich, Nicole Croce, Anastasia Fasnakis, Briana Jordan and Alex Vieria.  The show is at the New Alliance Foundation Art Gallery at 20 Church Street in New Haven, CT.

Modeled after the traditional art schools at the turn of the century, the Paier College of Art offers students the unique opportunity to learn their respective disciplines under the tutelage of seasoned professionals. By teaching timeless artistic fundamentals, students are empowered to produce work utilizing traditional or digital methods.


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